A band of world-class African and international musicians with diverse but complementary styles… A surprising mix of instruments … An innovative fusion of music and rhythm from different cultures… The public as performers, each with a djembe drum…

These are the ingredients of a unique musical now enjoyed by more than 100,000 since 2014 people across France and Switzerland…..and soon in the US.

From a convergence between classical orchestral and African music, the show has evolved to today’s dynamic new combination. The line-up includes maestro kora player Seckou Keita and an outstanding group of West African and international musicians on djembe, kora, dundun, balafon and other traditional African instruments, along with keyboards, drums and voice. The new musical director/arranger is world-class Latin-jazz pianist Alex Wilson who brings his experience directing Rodrigo y Gabriela and Mali Latino to create an exciting mix of West African traditions, sizzling salsa and favourite hits from around the globe.

And the audience is part of the show! Generating positive energy through drumming. Sharing not just the musicians’ melodies, harmonies and rhythm but an infectious joy. All are invited to forget their inhibitions, feel the rhythm like their own heartbeat, and together “speak djembe”.

Co-created by Doug Manuel and the conductor Philippe Fournier, Do You Speak Djembe? is a show unlike any other. A completely different way of sharing music and its rhythms.


Founder and director of Sewa Beats, explains:

Co-creator, and Co-producer, and occasional Master of Ceremonies Doug Manuel has been helping individuals and companies find purpose in life and work for more than 20 years.

He leads transformational retreats for corporate leaders, is a sought-after speaker, leads a charitable foundation working to bring solar power to African villages, and is Founder and Director of Sewa Beats which offers programmes to enhance teams.

“People’s dynamic energy and personal rhythm depend on the beating of their hearts rather than on their minds. I am convinced that the sounds and power of the primeval language of the djembes can have a beneficial effect both on group behaviour and individual attitudes. Drumming generates positive energy and allows people to lose their inhibitions and let themselves be carried away together by the music. Drumming stimulates personal development and self-knowledge, improving team spirit and letting us work better in a group.”


As a corporate event, Do You Speak Djembe? is unique!

The show’s innovative way of sharing music, rhythm and energy offers powerful metaphors for harmonization, diversity, respect and communication in business. At the same time engaging the whole audience — minds, bodies and emotions — in an enjoyable and unforgettable group experience.

Do you want to celebrate a success or anniversary, inspire your team, thank clients? Or simply reinforce the importance of human values, encouraging your staff to reconnect with themselves and those around them?

Then book Do You Speak Djembe? We promise you an event to remember!

To get a taste of it, check “Do You Speak Djembé?” as a corporate event and conference


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